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We are a photography and local history website. Our aim is to allow our users to search and add to an ever-growing database containing photographs of areas of interest and showing how they change over time and also share local knowledge about their town. Our members share both new and old photographs, these photographs are linked to a timeline and a map, and are stored in a fully searchable database. We are a global website and have photos and members throughout the world.

The basic idea for the site came to me whilst rummaging through some old holiday photos. Trying to work out where the photos were taken and rough dates was difficult.

Over time, places change and grow, some places become almost unrecognisable years later, or when nature takes its toll.

Sometimes there have been historical events caught on photos. Floods, earthquakes, building collapses all make big changes to areas, some are temporary, others make landscapes change long term.

So, join in, add your photos and/or memories, or simply see if we have photos that interest you.
We hope you enjoy our site.

This photo is "The Flying Horse", taken in the year 2009 and posted here by jonesy.

The Flying Horse

© Tracey 2009

Recently uploaded

Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red
"Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red"
© Ed Geraghty 2014

A view from the top of the castle
"A view from the top of the castle"
© Tracey 2014

A view of Gorey Castle and harbour
"A view of Gorey Castle and harbour"
© Tracey 2014

Corbiere lighthouse
"Corbiere lighthouse"
© Tracey 2014

Ouaisne Beach at low tide
"Ouaisne Beach at low tide"
© Tracey 2014

Inside Gorey Castle
"Inside Gorey Castle"
© Tracey 2014

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